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As a nationally recognised education provider, we at DOLPH Business School are committed to empowering our students through motivation, education, and supporting the students in their learning, so that each student achieves greatness in their education and self development.

We know how important it is to choose not only the right course or qualification, but also the right institution to undertake your training. Our dedicated trainers and our strong student support network are here to help you on your learning journey!

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Our friendly admissions team are ever ready to assist you with your enquiries. DOLPH Business School has a high positive satisfaction ratio amongst students.


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Are you a Local Australian student or an International OFFSHORE Student, looking to pursue your passion, or may be a career change? Discover how we can help you achieve your aspirations!


Imagine the possibilities that await you once you’ve completed a highly regarded nationally recognised qualification! Discover the courses we offer at our Melbourne campus!


Different students have different learning abilities and the DOLPH Trainers understand that. Trainers are ready to help, support every student to achieve & complete their learning journey successfully.



High student satisfaction rate

Did you know that over 98% of our students who participated in a survey would recommend us to their family and friends? It's not hard to see WHY - we are one of the few training providers in Australia that does not charge you a re-assessment fee, and we are also one of the very few who allow flexible payment plans for your tuition fees after enrollment. DOLPH Business School boasts of a very friendly team of staff members, who are ever ready to support the students in their learning.

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Excellent track record with ASQA

We have maintained a near to perfect compliance record since our inception. This assures our students and stakeholders that we are providing a high standard of training and assessment services. This also gives confidence to our students and stakeholders that DOLPH Business School is recognised as compliant by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

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Some of the courses offered at DOLPH Business School, require students to work directly in the industry under the WORK BASED TRAINING program. DOLPH shall place students in select third-party business locations for 250 hours approximately and this helps students to get hands-on work experience for future employability. Dolph Business School continues to grow as a preferred training provider amongst many students and employers.


Qualified Trainers with valuable experience

Our team of Trainers is a proud group of like-minded individuals who care about our students’ needs. Not only do you get to benefit from their dedication and expertise, you also get to benefit from their skills and knowledge! Our Trainers know what skills and knowledge you will need to create a better tomorrow for yourself and to achieve excellence in your chosen career!


Supportive and encouraging environment

We endeavour to do our best to be supportive and accommodating to our students. If you are feeling lack lustre half way through your course, or if you are exasperated at a topic you have been stuck on in what seems like forever, we are here for you! Our Trainers can help re-inspire you and give you the support you need to get through your course!
You are not in this alone - you have the entire Dolph Business School team behind you!



DOLPH Business School takes pride in stating that it is an important priority to provide Student Support across all student cohorts at the campus. Students, especially International Students may not have their families with them and they have to manage things on their own. Students need help with their learning and the DOLPH Business School team is very supportive and helpful.