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Why are online courses are popular in Australia?

About 5-years ago, the education sector in Australia went through a revolution where more and more courses were being offered 100% online. Did you know the term online courses Australia is searched over 1,000 times every month in Australia alone?

Having the flexibility to study online is deemed a great benefit for many students. Especially, if meant you did not have to sacrifice your life – such a family, social and work commitments that might affect your ability to undertake further study. With the growth of online learning, regardless of where you lived, how old you were, what hours you had to commit to work, doors were open for you to enrol in an online course.

What are some of the advantages of study online?

The main advantage of having the ability to study online is the flexibility it provides you. With technological advancements and the internet being more readily available, regardless of whether you lived in a metropolitan city, or in the outback, you are now able to access a variety of courses online. From short courses to nationally accredited courses, you were spoilt for choice!

Many students that choose to undertake online courses have families or jobs and sometimes both. Not having to attend classes in person means they did not have to miss out on upskilling themselves, or higher education in their lives.

What are the benefits of enrolling in online courses?

If you are currently working in a job and are looking to take that next step, online courses might be exactly what you are looking for. If you like the idea of working on projects in the corporate world, you might be interested in our project management courses. We also offer leadership and management coursesbusiness courses and OHS courses. If numbers are your passions, we have courses in Accounting and Bookkeeping.

It also provides benefit to those that want to study in Australia but not have the means to live in Australia. This allows you to attain an Australian Qualification without having to leave your country of residence!

What are the disadvantages of studying online courses?

Whenever something becomes popular in a very quick time frame, it is bound to experience some growing pains. The education system is no different. The emergence of online education means some providers exploited the system and enrolled people just to take advantage of the government funding and grants available under the Higher Education Contribution Scheme, which is basically a student loan scheme that allows you to study now and pay back the tuition fees once you earn of a certain amount every year. The Australian Government eventually caught on this was happening and as of 2017 changed the eligibility criteria for providers and a lot of the bad education providers have been weeded out and are no longer operating.

Another disadvantage to online learning is some providers started offering online courses in aged care and other similar subjects such as childcare. Needless to say, there are some subjects that really require face-to-face learning in order to properly acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to perform the job well. This is even more critical when it comes to dealing with people’s health and loved ones.

Fortunately, the Australian Skills Quality Authority has put process and restrictions in place to ensure that certain courses you need to learn and be assessed on-campus and are not available 100% online.


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