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Course code:BSB50215
Online:This month only - $1,980!*
CRICOS code:096233M
Next on-campus intake:June 2018
On-Campus:This month only - $8,800!*
Course code:BSB50215
CRICOS code:096233M
Next on-campus intake:June 2018
Online:This month only - $1,980!*
On-Campus:This month only - $8,800!*

About the Course

Our nationally recognised Diploma of Business course has been developed against the Australian Quality Framework for business and management.

You will learn the core skills and knowledge required to run a business such as how to manage risk and budgets, recruit and build an innovative work environment, manage projects, as well as marketing a product or service. You will learn how to apply well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base to various business contexts, as well as analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

Delivered by our expert trainers, our training program provides you with access to a supportive and encouraging environment, and a plethora of resources to assist you in your learning.

We have conducted in-depth industry consultation with various business organisations and regulatory bodies – finding out what is needed in today’s market, what knowledge and skills our graduates must be equipped with in order to succeed, and what learning arrangements are best suited for our students.

What's included in my fees?
  • Access to the learning materials and assessments on our eLearning platform
  • Our specially developed Ultimate Study Planner
  • Access to a library of videos and study aids on Study.com
  • Learning support from your Trainers and the team at Dolph Business School
  • Post-graduation support such as career guidance, resume building assistance, university application and advanced standing application assistance
  • Australian Quality Framework (AQF) certificate when you have all achieved all of the competencies required in your course

Why study a Diploma of Business?

Do you aspire to start your own business? Do you want to become a business strategist or consultant? Do you want to climb that corporate ladder to be a manager in your organisation? A Diploma of Business qualification can help equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in these roles.

Many of our students studying our online business diploma have been in the workforce for years and they have either decided that they want to start their own business, or have chosen to upskill themselves to ensure that they have the competitive edge over their colleagues. Most choose to complete the course online so that they won’t have to sacrifice their family and work commitments, but if you need face-to-face training, on-campus learning might be a more suitable option for you.

Did you know that more and more people are going back to school to get a qualification to ensure they are able to maintain an advantage, especially in today’s competitive job market? According to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, in 2017, over 4.2 million students are enrolled in various courses within the VET sector, with 418,500 enrolments in business qualifications alone! Imagine the opportunities available to those students when they’ve graduated from their courses!

We often get this question – why would you someone choose a business diploma instead of a business degree. So, we thought we would do a list of advantages to help you with your planning and decision making.

What are the advantages?
  1. Prepare you for your future careers – ensuring you are job ready
    The whole purpose of vocational training is to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge to perform a particular role. In consultation with the industry, our diploma courses are developed to ensure our learning materials and assessments are continually up-to-date and approved by the industry. Employers generally value current, applicable, real-world knowledge you learn from a Diploma of Business than theories you learn in a Bachelor of Business program.

  2. Statistically, you are more likely to be hired
    Did you know that according to the Australian Government's MySkills platform, those who have completed a BSB50215 Diploma of Business have a higher than average earning potential and there is expected to be a high number of job openings for graduates with this qualification? With more and more university graduates struggling to find a job, Andrew Norton, Higher Education Program Director of the Grattan Institute said that “some of the students who are at university would be better off doing a vocational diploma or certificate III or IV course.”

  3. Can be completed in a much faster time frame
    A business diploma with Dolph Business School can be completed within 12-months, whereas a business degree is typically 3-years long. That’s a 2-year difference! And, if you did want to go on to do a business degree after you have completed your business diploma, you may even be able to complete your degree sooner than the usual 3-year time frame as our Diploma of Business is an Australian accredited, nationally recognised qualification.

  4. Cheaper than a business degree
    The cost of a business degree can be upwards of $10,000 per year whilst with a Diploma of Business with Dolph Business School is between $2,380 to $9,800 (2018 fees). This saves you thousands of dollars in tuition fees!

  5. Pathway to university
    Business diplomas are popular vocational courses because they open doors to more careers than other diplomas and they are also an excellent foundation for a business and management degrees. This allows you to get your feet wet before committing to a bachelor’s degree and truly prepare yourself for university life, rather than jump into a business degree and later realise it isn’t for you.


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