#FortunateFriday: LeBron James’ foundation donated $41.8 million

This is our very first #FortunateFriday post and we want to start off this series with a dedication to LeBron James. King James is hands down our favourite basketball player of all time – not only is he very talented and skillful, but also he is also big-hearted and insanely generous. We hope his actions inspires more sporting superstars to contribute positively to society – be it with their wealth, their time, or their efforts. Or all three if they could! *hint* *hint* Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Blake Griffin! If you’re reading this (because why wouldn’t you be?), if either (or all) of you want to sponsor scholarships for those in need, or help out in any outreach programs for our future generation, our phone lines are ALWAYS open. ALWAYS. Yes, even at 4am in the morning. We will answer your call (just excuse the raspy voice and confused state of mind)!

The LeBron James Family Foundation

King James founded a foundation called the LeBron James Family Foundation, which was established for the kids of Akron, where LeBron grew up, to give them the opportunities and support for them to do something with their lives. Their mission is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives. The impact their programs and networks have on the communities have been so positive that so many young lives which were initially headed for a life of crime have been turned around.Now, this what great leadership is all about!

The ‘I Promise’ program

Very recently LeBron James, through his foundation donated $41.8 million to help 1,100 students in his ‘I Promise’ program have the chance to go to college for free. FOR FREE!!!!! LeBron partnered with the University of Akron to create a scholarship that will cover tuition and the university’s general service fee – currently at $9,500 per year. This opportunity for those children is so great. So many of them come from broken homes, from single parent homes, from troubled homes; and this opportunity would no doubt change their lives! I wish there were more initiatives and programs like these available to more people, and if we had the resources, we would give every single person a free education.

We truly hope that each and every student awarded with this scholarship greatly benefit from it and in turn create immense change in their communities so that us as a society can grow and flourish even more. How great would it be if more of those sporting superstars, on multi-million dollar contracts could create more positive change through their popularity and their wealth? It doesn’t even have to be sporting superstars! It could even be property moguls or flourishing businesses that are interested in making a lasting change in our societies!

Please note, none of our #FortunateFriday posts are sponsored. They are chosen to be featured by our team and our students, and they are chosen because we believe in what they do and want the world to know about them!

‘Till our next #FortunateFriday feature, have a great week and remember to be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Your act of kindness could create immense change beyond your wildest imagination!

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