RPL & Skills Recognition

Do you have practical experience that you want recognised?

Do you want a qualification upgrade to help you get the promotion you are after?

Do you have overseas qualifications that are not recognised in Australia?

Do you want to save time and money in attaining a bachelor degree?

Dolph Business School provides the opportunity for students to apply to have their prior learning and experience recognised towards an accredited qualification or units of competence for a particular nationally recognised qualification.

We understand that you may have obtained relevant skills and knowledge through prior formal training, workplace training or experience; whether that be in Australia or overseas. The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process may reduce the number of units or assessments required to be completed for you to gain the qualification! In some cases, previous work, voluntary and learning experiences may even be sufficient to provide an individual will a full qualification through the RPL process.

For example, someone who has spent many years working as Team Leader within a call centre would have developed skills and knowledge that are considered to be part of a Diploma of Leadership and Management. Or someone who has been working as a Work Health and Safety Co-ordinator would have developed skills and knowledge that are considered to be part of a Certificate IV or a Diploma of Work Health and Safety. With the RPL process, we will gather information about your prior experience and training history to determine the best pathway for you to achieve competency.

What is involved in an RPL process?

  1. We will conduct a free skills assessment – we will discuss what your goals are, help you choose the right qualification that matches your skills, and explain what evidences are required to help us ascertain the best pathway for you to achieve competency.
  2. Evidence portfolio – you will need to provide us with certain evidences such as your resume, reference letters from your current or past employers, work samples, and certificates and transcripts of your overseas qualification(s).
  3. Recognition interview – once our Assessors have reviewed your evidences, they will carry out a recognition interview with you to determine your competency.
  4. Determination – our Assessors may determine after the recognition interview that you qualify for a nationally recognised qualification based on all the evidences we have; or they may determine that there is a skills gap and some training may be required to be completed before you qualify for a nationally recognised qualification.
  5. Certificate issued – all certificates issued in accordance with the Australian Quality Framework are recognised Australia-wide. It can help you gain course credit for a university degree and save you some time, it can even help you can that promotion you have been vying for!