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Last week, I was searching for some complimentary services that would be beneficial for our students, and I came across this organisation called Student Edge (you can check them out here). This organisation was born out of the want to help other students! Oh, I have such a soft spot for businesses that exist simply to help others!

Not only does Student Edge have such down to earth co-founders (you can watch a candid interview featuring them here), but they also have a very impressive membership base (800,000 over members)! They have such a noble aim to help students save money and better manage their finances, find jobs, and make well-informed career and life choices. They have so many special discounts with partners like Microsoft (up to 25% off *gasps*), nib, amaysim, Xbox, Dominos and STA Travel; that it makes me want to be a student again! Can someone please make a website with special discounts like these for me? On top of that they have forums where you can discuss and share your thoughts on just about anything and everything, job portals, offer career advice, movie reviews, they even have puzzles that you can complete on their website! If you were a student, you could spend hours and hours on end on this website and not get bored!

So, for all those students who are looking for a community to connect with, discounts to help you get what you need to survive vocational training, TAFE or university, check out Student Edge and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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