Student Reviews

“When you study at Dolph Business School, you get to learn practical knowledge and gain the skills you need to succeed. I enrolled in an online diploma course a few months ago whilst still working and I was really suprised how I was able to apply the knowledge I learnt into my everyday duties at work. My teacher - Michael really taught me how to analyse things and inspired me to think out of the box!”
“My favourite thing about studying at Dolph Business School is the small class sizes and the fun learning environment. There was more personal attention than in a uni lecture, we were taught real world case studies, and we even had 'Apprentice-style' classes which really prepared me for working life! Lea was great at helping me through the course when I was struggling and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be where I am today.”
“What I like about Dolph Business School is that the teachers are supportive and they make the lessons interesting and fun! The staff is very accommodating and if you are facing any problems, they are always there to listen and help.”
"My tutors at Dolph Business School are very supportive and are an enormous help to keep me motivated to work through the course on time, (it will take a little longer than was initially planned, due to my wife's pregnancy, but we'll get there)

Their Diploma of Leadership and Management is very well structured and matches the requirements of my employers to get me where I am needed to be.

And another plus is, it has given me the confidence that I could start my own business, if and when the time arrived!

Would definitely recommend Dolph Business School!"
“Michael has been the most supportive teacher I have had in years. Having completed a certificate at TAFE, I'm glad I decided to do my diploma with Dolph. The campus is really easy to get to and everyone at Dolph has been really helpful!”
“As someone with a preference for learning in a work environment to ensure applicable experience over the need to be physically present in a classroom, I have regularly found difficulty in balancing the time expected to pursue further education which led to numerous incomplete courses in my pursuit of further education.

After conducting my research and comparing a few different online courses, I was led to Dolph Business School and was immediately amazed at not only the costs compared to other similar accredited establishments and the short time response from its staff when I fielded them multiple queries, but most importantly how it allows me to work within my own schedules and manage my day-to-day activities to accommodate the demands of work, business travels, family commitments as well as after office/weekend plans while still progressing towards an end goal.

I would strongly recommend Dolph Business School to anyone interested in exploring further relevant industry experience or a competitive edge to their profile.”
“I recently completed my diploma with Dolph Business School and I strongly recommend anyone thinking of doing a diploma to choose Dolph Business School. The entire team has always gone out of their way to help me. Meagan was always so prompt with her responses and Seb really took the time to explain the material whenever I was stuck. Seb even helped connect me to some of his friends working in the industry to help me get a job! Thank you guys!”
"Going back to study was really hard for me but the Trainers at Dolph Business School were fantastic! I enrolled in a short course first to dip my toes in the water and I haven't looked back!"
"The Trainers and staff at Dolph Business School have been terrific! They are very supportive and actually take the time to help you through your coursework. I have also been enjoying my course as our trainer is a very engaging and he makes each lesson interactive and they are never boring!"