Do you want to be part of history? Do you want to help shape the future of the industry? Do you want to get first dibs on our first class graduates?

Become Dolph Business School's industry partner and help us create our future leaders, innovators, and industry change makers!

Industry Partners

All of Dolph Business School's training and assessment strategies, learning materials and assessment tools are validated in consultation with industry partners. We believe it is important for our students and employers that everything that we do, and everything that we teach is highly regarded and highly needed within the industries. It is also crucial that our assessments are confirmed by our industry partners that they meet the requirements of the industry.

For quality training and assessment services, we regularly consult with the industry to maximise benefit to our learners and the needs of the market.

Dolph Business school has a proven process we follow for industry consultation, where we analyse the requirements of the industry, the demands of the market, and the needs of the students to produce a solution to fulfil the requirements.

If you are interested in teaming up with us to improve the future of your organisation and your industry, contact us today at: